1. How long is the processing time?

Currently our processing time is 1-2 weeks but we try to ship your orders as soon as possible. But during sale period, our processing time is 2-3 weeks 

2. How long does it takes for me to receive the order?

How long does it takes does vary from each country but usually it takes 2 weeks until 1 month. During pandemic, orders take around 3-5 weeks to arrive.  

For customer choosing shipping with tracking, you will be given tracking number. Please wait for 2-3 days for the tracking to update. Once the package has reach United States, we will update the tracking so that you can track it using USPS

Once I dropped the package to my local post office and you receive the tracking number, the package is no longer my responsibility but i will try my best to help you track it. If asked, we will show you receipt with your name on it from our local post office.

Please know that we are not responsible for any package lost at USPS.

3. How much is your shipping fee?

Please note that any order below $10 need to pay full shipping fee which is $13. We pay 40-50% the shipping fee out of our pocket for orders above $10

Currently we have three types of normal shipping fee.

- $7 flat without insurance and without tracking. There is no way for us to track the order, and if it's lost then it's lost. We will not refund and reship the order. 

We are not responsible for any order that come without tracking and insurance.

- $9 flat with tracking and without insurance.  We will provide tracking for this and update the tracking to USPS once it reach USA. However, we will not reship and refund the order in the case that the package is lost

- $13 flat with insurance. We will reship your order without any additional charge if the order is lost ( only when it is 35% off and below ). For order using 40% off above and BUY X and get X free or any special deal ( such as $2 essential kit, $3 mini kit, or $6 ultimate kit ), we will refund 15% from the amount minus the shipping fee. Reship and refund only eligible if you claim it within 6 weeks after shipping notification

 All our orders come with tracking number unless you choose the $6 flat rate

Free shipping available for orders above $200

4. What happen with lost package?

- 15 % refund from the amount minus shipping fee for orders using discount above 35% and any BOGO event

- 25% refund from the amount minus shipping fee for orders using discount below 35%

This only applicable if you choose shipping with insurance. For shipping without insurance, there is no refund. 

5. What happen if the package is returned?

We will notify you if there is a package that sent back to us. The fee for reshipping is $10 flat rate.

 6. Shipping to CANADA

Unfortunately the package reach CANADA, we no longer able to track it even using CANADA POST. Therefore, if you want to be able to track your order please choose DHL EXPRESS.

Before pandemic, order to Canada takes around 4-5 weeks. 

7. Free Shipping (2023)

- Below $150 will be untracked

- Above $150 with tracking